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2011 Policy Conference Photographs

Over 200 organizers, activists, policy makers and progressive leaders gathered at NYU’s Kimmel Center for the Center for Workings Families’ 2011 policy conference.

Dave Palmer, the Center’s Executive Director, delivered opening remarks.

Sunshine Ludder, the Center’s Senior Economic Policy Strategist, and Barbara Dudley, a leader of the campaign for a state bank in Oregon, spoke on the panel, “How Public Banking Could End the Credit Crunch & Fuel Job Growth in New York.”

Anthony Ng, the Center’s Green and Equitable Economies Strategist, introduced the panel, “Green Jobs Are Real: Next Steps for New York.”

Barbara Ehrenreich — activist and author of over a dozen books, including Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America - delivered the closing keynote address.

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