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NRA & Albany lawmakers: Not a shotgun marriage

June 15, 2012


Why does the gun industry love certain Albany lawmakers?

Since 2003, the National Rifle Association donated more to political candidates and campaigns in New York than to campaigns in any other state, according to the Daily News.

The love’s not unconditional.

The NRA wants New York to squash public safety legislation. One example: A microstamping bill (S.675C/A.1157B) that would make it easier to solve gun crimes. It’s widely supported by district attorneys, police departments and advocates.

Yet some legislators—including the biggest recipients of the industry’s contributions—oppose it. The Senate Republican Campaign Committee, for example, received $128,500 from 2007 through 2010 alone. No surprise, then, that not one Republican voted for microstamping when the Senate considered the bill in 2010. Now, in the waning days of the legislative session, Senate Republicans are again thwarting consideration of the bill.

New York has already shown gun companies enough favor. The Remington Arms Company received $5.6 million in state economic development subsidies. Yet Remington is threatening to leave the state if the microstamping bill passed.

The solution? Publicly financed elections. That would help create policies that benefit the public, not big gun companies.

Join the fight for fair elections.

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