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The Center for Working Families’ current top government reform priority is public financing of elections. A strong system, possibly modeled on New York City’s, would lower contribution limits and increase enforcement. The results would be reduced corporate influence, increased engagement of regular voters and better policy outcomes for working families.

Governor Cuomo’s support for public financing — articulated most recently in his 2012 State of the State address — offers a rare opportunity to win pro-democracy reforms in New York. The Center for Working Families is participating in a broad coalition to make it happen.

Our other government reform priorities include:

  • Closing the “LLC loophole” in New York State election law: current law allows for the formation of multiple limited liability corporations, each of which can give significantly more than the state limit on corporate campaign contributions
  • Promoting and protecting “fusion voting” (which allows political parties to cross-endorse candidates) throughout the United States. Fusion can provide more information to voters and elected officials, increase voter turnout, make for more accountable politicians and give citizens more choices.


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The Center for Working Families creates and implements innovative policy ideas to improve the lives of working and low income New Yorkers.

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