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Green Jobs/Green NY is an unprecedented statewide initiative to retrofit one million homes and small businesses in five years. The program will make New York homes energy efficient, lower fossil fuel emissions, and combat climate change. It will save households an average of 30-40% of energy consumption, create around 60,000 quality green job-years and obviate the need for new power plants. Most importantly, the upfront costs of the retrofit work will be paid for through third-party investor, such as pension funds or private investors, and fully paid back through energy bill savings — all off of the state’s budget. This public/private initiative is the largest residential retrofit program ever initiated: a model for the nation at a critical moment in national energy planning.

For more information on the program, read the Green Jobs/Green NY Policy Blueprint or the Executive Summary and the state legislation creating the program.

On-Bill Financing legislation was passed in June and signed into law in August.  Advocacy Materials and resources about On-Bill are located here.

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