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“That’s like genius — who came up with that?”

Issue #11: November 19, 2012

Need a chuckle or a tool for explaining why energy efficiency makes sense? Check out Irreconcilable Temperatures,  NYSERDA’s clever new online videos promoting Green Jobs/Green New York (GJGNY). There’s even a reference…

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December 20th, 2012


CWF convenes groups to plan next steps of Green Jobs/Green NY

GJGNY CBO convening 11-29-12 cropped

On November 29th and 30th, representatives from 20 community groups from around New York met to plan the next stage of Green Jobs/Green NY. The agenda included expanding low-income communities’ access to energy efficiency and using the program to help…

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December 12th, 2012


“Since we’re already up on the roof…”

Issue #10: November 20, 2012
Nearly half (46 percent) of energy efficiency contractors have hired workers since the introduction of Green Jobs/Green NY, according to a recently released survey by NYSERDA, the New York State Energy…

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November 20th, 2012


Cynthia and Euphemia are making sure New Yorkers know about GJGNY

Issue #8: September 6, 2012
Community organizers like Euphemia Martin and Cynthia Ngombe are Green Jobs/Green New York’s most valuable players.Every day, they use a combination of people skills and a deep knowledge of theretrofit process to…

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September 6th, 2012


“Business owners and community organizers don’t always work together, but in Syracuse we’re doing just that.”

Get the rest of the story about how Green Jobs/Green New York’s unique approach to job creation is working in today’s Syracuse Post-Standard letter. To find out more, take a look at “The Syracuse Formula for Decent…

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August 28th, 2012


On the job with Jason and Will

will graeber Photo (cropped)

Issue #6: July 25, 2012

Which program is the best use of public money?
A)    A corporate subsidy program that costs $71,859 per newly created job*
B)    A job training program that costs $8,670 per newly created job…

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July 26th, 2012


Increase the demand for stripping…

Weather stripping, that is. Along with boiler upgrades and better insulation.

Demand for Green Jobs/Green New York financing surged by 50 percent in the four months since the state launched “on-bill recovery” this winter.

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June 28th, 2012


The Syracuse Formula for Decent Jobs

Issue #3: June 14, 2012
We don’t just need more jobs, we need decent jobs.
That’s what writer Barbara Ehrenreich said at the Center for Working Families’ last policy conference.

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June 14th, 2012


Knock knock. Who’s there?

Rachelle Moses of Buffalo's PUSH Green talks to homeonwners at Mary Jane and Denis Uminski's home.

Issue #2: June 1, 2012
- Knock knock.
- Who’s there?
- Your local community-based organization, telling you about how an energy assessment and retrofit can keep you warmer in winter, cooler in summer – while saving you

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June 1st, 2012


Green Jobs/Green NY boosts energy efficiency work in S. Tier


The Ithaca Journal reported yesterday that the quantity of energy efficiency projects in New York’s Southern Tier increased by 73 percent from 2010 to 2011. The average family’s annual savings is $900.
One reason for the increase: The Green Jobs/Green…

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March 14th, 2012


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