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On-Bill Recovery: where to find $5b and 60K green jobs!

CWF is working to develop the details of On-Bill Recovery, the mechanism that will allow Green Jobs-Green NY to fund home- and building owners’ energy-saving retrofits with a small monthly charge on their utility bill. “On-billing” is pretty complicated from the back end. But to the consumer, it offers a simple, straightforward way to finance thousands of dollars’ worth of work — without taking on debt risk.

That means that many thousands more home- and building owners will be able to green up, save money, and drive both economic and environmental recovery. And investors will be able to lend to them through the state’s new…

February 17th, 2010

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Making it real: On-Bill Recovery legislation needed to launch “Green Jobs-Green NY” mass retrofits

February 19, 2010
(Download the .doc version of this memo.)

The Green Jobs-Green NY (2009) legislation authorizes NYSERDA to create a Retrofit Investment Fund for energy efficiency retrofits. The fund is authorized to pay…

February 17th, 2010

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